xoom rebrand

Xoom your money around the world.  Xoom from here, xoom to there!  While at Turner Duckworth, I worked on a team of five people to rebrand this company. Xoom is a money transfer company that exists online only, sends money quickly, and has very low fees. I specifically worked on the logo mark itself as well as creating activations for the brand! 




The competition

First, as a team, we had to understand who Xoom was. To do that, not only did our account ladies give us the scoop on Xoom, we did our own research. One very important part was understanding their competitors. 

don't stop sketching

We went through a couple of rounds with Xoom. This included a handful of different logos. Some where way out of the box, some were very similar to what they originally had. As you can see above, Xoom was just looking for a little cleaning up of their current look. At Turner Duckworth we kept the concept of an arrow and wanted to change the type to something that seemed more friendly and approachable. 

...and there's more!

One of team members I got to work with had a brilliant idea! They played with this idea of an area. Since it's present in the logo, he brought it to life in the icons. He took the lead and created a handful of icons with them. I rolled in behind him and added a few more in the same style.

These didn't just stop at icons. They began to come to life in full illustrations. These really played off the idea of sending money from place to another. Check out a few of the icons and illustrations we got to deliver to the Xoom Team! 

bringing it to life

The team and I created a few activations to deliver to the great people at Xoom. Since they are a local San Francisco company, we wanted to create things that were unique to SF - such as bus stops and their office space! 

We also proposed a few ideas for their app and website. It was all up them if they wanted to use the concepts, these were just some ideas and ways to display tone of voice as well as utilize the illustrations.