Solo Eyewear

For every pair of sunglasses bought, a pair of prescription glasses and money for cataract surgery is donated to someone in need. This giving map was created to show the different places and organizations that have a hand in donating.  I got to create this map for the company. They used it on their website, at conferences, and to show customers what impact is being made by a single purchase. 



Sketches and Doodles 

I found that a radial graph was the best way to show how much people are giving. It wasn't just about the who, but also about the where. 

These aren't much; however, they show some of my thought process. Even if it's some thumbnails, it helped shape the direction of the design. 

A Little Bit Smaller

Solo Eyewear needed a small version displaying a limited amount of information that would downsize nicely and they could give away to people easily at events.

The concept is similar to the first version, without the organization names. I utilized color to differentiate the countries to keep the map clean.