solo eyewear

Nice shades! For every pair of sunglasses bought, a pair of prescription glasses are donated to someone in need. They also fun cataract surgery! This giving map was created to show the different places and organizations that have a hand in donating glasses and funding cataract surgeries.  I got to own this project and reported to the design director of the company. She provided super helpful feedback and we ended with what you see below! 



Sketchin' around! 

Everything starts with a sketch, right? Just like any other project,I tried to create a map that displayed this heavy amount of data in a digestible way. I researched all types of graphs and infographics. Finally, after a bit of research, I found that a radial graph was the best way to show just how much people are giving. It wasn't just about the who, but also about the where. 

These aren't much; however, they show some of my thought process. Even if it's some thumbnails, it helped shape the direction of the design. Though the final product has much more detail, these sketches are what started it all. 

the mini me

The original giving map was great! They used it in a number of places. Solo Eyewear needed a small version displaying a limited amount of information that would downsize nicely and they could give away to people easily at events! 

The concept is similar to the first version, without the organization names. I utilized color to differentiate the countries to keep the map clean. 

Since I created the original giving map, I was in charge of creating this one as well. I ran it by our Creative Director, she gave great feedback and we worked back and forth for a few days to complete. 

It was a blast creating this guy. Simplifying and condensing information isn't the easiest, but it sure does pay off in the long run!