Business cards

I got to create some really fun business cards for the team. They were so fun to work with and incredibly excited for some new things to show off to friends, family and future connections. 

I got to use this opportunity to display the beautiful maps of Mapsense right on their business cards! They are one of the few companies that can actually display their product right on their cards. 


I created some icons for Mapsense's marketing documents. They will also be used on their website as well. I was looking to convey a complex message in something as simple as a line illustration. The data and tech would inspired me to create these bad boys out of some nice line stokes. 

I was also inspired by roads and rivers on the maps - so I played a lot with line width. The challenge was to make the icons seem grounded and placed, yet light enough to move around without gaining too much attention. 

"make this complex map look simple"

Screenshots. Screenshots. Screenshots. Who doesn't want to show off the great maps that Mapsense has created? In order to show the world on the Mapsense website, they were previously taking screenshots of their maps. This is fine, because it gives the viewers a realistic take on what exactly the maps are. However, some things became distracting and needed to fall backwards. 

It was challenging to see just how much we needed to remove or add. I was super pleased with the results because it added a bit of a playful and light appearance to it, as well as showed what the product really was. I also wanted to show the option of having titles vs. having no titles on these images.