Need tacos

Because everyone needs tacos, right? I agree. Every in the moment where you just can't find a taco place? Well, here's your chance. The App, Need Tacos, just might be your superhero! I guess you could compare it to a more specialized Yelp app. It's strictly for tacos... and maybe burritos! 

My goal for this project was to create a simple, usable interface to find tacos! This was a great project to work on because I had the opportunity to design an iPhone app on my own. 

My role as the sole designer was to start from the beginning and bring the app to life. Though this is currently a mock design, I treated it like I would any other project. Starting with research, sketches and wireframes, I pulled it together through the user experience and visual design. 

Let's research

sketch it out

Like most projects, sketching and wireframing is really important. Even if this project is simply conceptual, it was great practice to be able to create a sitemap of where things would lay and be found.

Creating it made me rethink what categories would be needed, where it would appear, and how I could condense things into different headings.