mimicking birds. mimicking birds.

This was a mock gig poster for a band called, Mimicking Birds. This was clearly a very literal take on their name! I had a great time making these abstract birds and displaying a progression from very abstract to more realistic. 



Can I get some inspiration?

I'm not going to lie, sometimes I don't sketch things out (Please don't tell my college professors that).  There are times where I get inspired by something I see that other designers have created. I think this is an important part of the design journey! 

Chirp Chirp

Take a look at the main elements of this poster - The birds, of course.

They were a blast creating. I wanted to challenge myself, nerdy, right? I took the liberty to challenge myself to create illustrations out of as little lines as possible. It was so much fun! The result of that were these birds. As you can see, there were times i "picked up my pen", but in the long run the abstract shapes came mostly from one or two points.