Acquired by Apple / UI / UX


Mapsense was a data visualization company that focused on displaying data onto maps in an easy to digest way. Users would use Mapsense to display data to both execs. and for personal use. They used it to better understand data coming into their system.


As the sole designer at Mapsense, I worked to develop a brand that would help grow with the company throughout the marketing site and the app. The had very little interface existing; I helped bring the app some personality and usability.

Sign up and Login

Here's a taste of the login UI I created to embrace the brand voice and tone. The idea was to simulate the experience of someone entering a vault of information.... yet (here's the kicker!) make the brand sound like humans, not robots. 

Mapping Data Points

The goal of this project was to show accurate and helpful data on map without covering too much of the other data points. The main persona for the first pass of this feature was for developers.

Where we landed

Having the data appear directly on the point that was selected was the route we landed on. It kept the user in context and also allowed for the text to be scrollable in order to avoid covering up more of the map.


Branding and Identity

I had the opportunity to create a logo for Mapsense. The final result was inspired by mountain ranges, and "infinite" amount of data, and a layer of complexity. The complex part of this logo mark was creating the curves and angles to perfectly match up. Check it out!