The Logo

As the only product designer at Mapsense, I had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects. My first project was to rebrand the company.  I created a logo mark, branding guidelines, collateral and the ultimate look and feel for them.

Everything starts with a sketch...

Sharp or Rounded? Tall or Short?

Always beginning with research, I took a look at competitors, other mapping companies and other tech companies.  I met with the CEO and VP of Product to come up with some keywords that spoke to what Mapsense wanted to portray. Since they are a startup, this sense is ever changing, but we at least had somewhere to start.

Mapsense wanted to focus on:
Vault (of information), Global, Data Driven


A couples weeks later, I found a mark that I felt represented Mapsense the best utilizing all the words they had mentioned and more. 

After some rough sketches to get the idea across, I create a grid system to assist in drawing the mark. I wanted to be sure that each angle and corner were accurate and consitent with the other. Since Mapsense lives in the tech industry, creating a mark that has a fair share of logic and math behind it was something I was really looking forward to creating.

I created grid lines and ellipses that were either the same exact size as the others or increased or decreased in 10% ratios. It was quite the ride, but it really helped make the mark feel balanced. 

A Vault: A heavy mark housing a handful of different meanings. 
Global: Mountains are represented all over the world and adhere to maps in general.
Data: Data is infinite. This mark hints towards an infinity sign. 

The final product!