[Acquired by Apple]

I was the User Experience and User Interface designer at Mapsense, a mapping-data-visualization company in San Francisco, CA. With seed funding, the team and I worked together to develop a brand that would grow into something amazing! Good news, it did, and Apple bought us out a year after raising our first round.

Sign up and Login

Here's a taste of the login UI I created to embrace the brand voice and tone. The idea was to simulate the experience of someone entering a vault of information.... yet (here's the kicker!) make the brand sound like humans, not robots. 

Summary Report

At Mapsense, we wanted a way to give users an overview of what their data was showing them. Even though looking at maps are fun, it's not exactly easy to understand trends or metrics. Creating a Summary Report allowed users to customize and understand what exactly they were learning from their data.

Mapping Data Points

We needed a way to show a handful of data on a map. We solved this issue by allowing a popup to show up while clicking on a certain data point. That way users would be able to see the specific data for the point they selected. 

Branding and Identity

I had the opportunity to create a logo for Mapsense. The final result was inspired by mountain ranges, and "infinite" amount of data, and a layer of complexity. The complex part of this logo mark was creating the curves and angles to perfectly match up. Check it out!