Food Allergies Around The world

Food Allergies, it's all the rage right now. Gluten Free? Lactose Intolerant? We've got it! Here's a fun information graphic I had the opportunity to create, research for, and illustrate. It's since made a debut in a few art shows here and there. 

Break it down now

The illustration style was something that really made this project special. I took on the style of simple, fun, and exciting! The topic of food allergies is probably not the most exciting, so my goal was to make this as appealing as possible. 

Check out a close up view of some of the icons found on this infographic! You'll soon see that I kept it simple, fun, and inviting. You could say it's almost a great graphic for kids as well as adults. 

color me rad

Oh the colors! What a challenge this was. I started this project off making the icons yellow, orange, and light blue. Complete with a light background. When I stepped back, I realize that something wasn't working. Everything was fading to the back - I needed to figure out how to make it stand out. 

That is how I ended up making the background a midnight blue and the colors a bit more saturated with some pop to them! This was inspired by a cityscape at night. Things seem to glow, become more eye catching and definitely stand out when the sun sets and the town lights up!