Split Expense On-The-Go



Create a mobile experience for users to be able to split an expense into two or three or more on-the-go. Worked with the Head of Design, the CEO, and one engineer to make this come together.


Expense Reports are not fun, we wanted to make them less painful, more automated and easy to use. Both desktop and mobile apps are available.

Understanding the Core Problem to Solve

In order to create an experience that was meaningful to the user, we had to identify use cases the core issues.

User Stories

  • I want to split an expense into two individual expenses

  • I want to do this on the go

  • I want this to be a similar experience to web

  • I want to add the expense to different reports

Research was done by our Customer Support team to understand the need and value for the company. We wanted this to be easy to find, but not in the way since some users would never split an expense. However, to Enterprise users, this was really important.

Competitor Analysis

We also did some competitor analysis and looked at companies that solve similar issues to come up with a familiar design pattern

  • Mint

    • Allows users to split transactions

  • Splitwise

    • Allows users to split expenses between friends (great for traveling)

  • Splitrr

    • Allows users to split rent between roommates


As a team, we worked on wireframes in Balsamiq. We did this because we had a great working relationship across teams. This way, all teams could provide feedback and even create their own wireframes if they were inclined.

Here’s what we learned from our wireframe discussions:

  • Do the math for the user if possible

  • Allow user to quickly add expense details in “splitting mode”

  • Keep it simple

  • Future iterations on this feature:

    • Split expense per day (divide expense between days)

    • Split expense by percentage

Where We Landed

We used our components to create a similar user experience throughout the app and also optimized for quick interactions.


Measurement of Success

User Feedback

We measured success a few ways, but the most prominent was user feedback. We’re a small startup that works fast to iterate on features.

  • Internal Beta Testing

    • Because we use our own product to expense our purchases, we had our team test this feature before releasing it live

    • The team was able to give feedback directly to the team

  • Slow Roll out

    • Roll out feature to customers that have requested it, chat with them and collect feedback

    • Make changes based off collective feedback

  • Full Release

    • Make changes based on previous feedback and release it in full to all users